The FNB - Fabrica Nacional de Bicicletas was founded in 1923 by Antonio Pinto de Moura and Ilidio Horacio Rodrigues Vilarinho. Being the company Vilarinho e Moura, Ltd. In 1930 they received the Patente de Introducao de Nova Industria - and became the official supplier of public administration. Inaugurated in 1938 with 280 workers the installations Rua do Bonjardim, Porto, designed by architects Alvaro da Fonseca and Alberto Bessa. After World War II, they moved to S. Mamede de Infesta. In 1950 would be 450 its employees. Produced several brands with different engines and engine, the best known being the Vilar and Perfecta, with engines Pachancho, JAP, Casal, Cucciolo, HMW, Villiers, Sachs, Demm, etc..

Plan of the factory in Rua do Bonjardim, Oporto 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Vilar J125
Vilar 125
Vilar VM 72 Sport
Vilar VM 72 Turismo
Vilar Vilar Cucciolo
Vilar Seta
Vilar V 98
Vilar Motoreta
Vilar VM 72 Cross
Vilar Junior
Vilar V1H 225
Vilar GK 14
Vilar Seta HMW
Vilar Seta Cucciolo
Vilar 50N2 HMW
Vilar Vilar Pachancho
Vilar Turismo
Vilar Seta Pop