Founded in 1921 by Manuel Henriques Caetano, mainly produced components for bicycles, fully exported to England. In 1955 moves to M. Caetano Henriques e C. Lda. and then Sociedade Comercial do Vouga. In 1958 by Isaac de Oliveira Caetano (son of Manuel) responsibility they produce the first moped Macal. In the 80's, Motori Minarelli (their main supplier) failed to produce the engines used by the Macal and sold the molds and technical support to the Macal, who went on to produce and incorporate them in their models, exported mostly to Spain, Angola, Greece , Holland, Italy, Germany, England and Austria.

Macal Factory 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Macal CY 50 Sting
Macal Thunder
Macal Marisa
Macal Mini
Macal Mini M50
Macal Husky
Macal Astronauta
Macal M70 Mini
Macal 2100 Turismo
Macal M-2.3
Macal Top Gun
Macal Especial
Macal P4 R
Macal M70 Sport
Macal M70 Sport
Macal M82
Macal 2100 Sport
Macal Vanguard H4
Macal 2100 Turismo
Macal Turismo
Macal GT
Macal M80 Super
Macal M86
Macal GTX
Macal 50 EC
Macal 50 TT
Macal GTX Sport Especial
Macal M83
Macal Super
Macal 50 TR
Macal M70 H5
Macal Trail
Macal 50 EC II
Macal 80 EC II
Macal Rally 125 YPVS
Macal Dakar YLC
Macal 50 Dakar Junior
Macal Trail 1
Macal Trail II
Macal Rally
Macal H 20
Macal TT 50
Macal Cross Junior
Macal Dakar
Macal Chip
Macal MY 50 Flash
Macal Clipper
Macal Vanguard
Macal M50 Algarve
Macal M70 Turismo
Macal M50
Macal Automático
Macal V1H
Macal Cross Competição
Macal Super
Macal M86
Macal Porsche GT
Macal M 80
Macal M70 DS
Macal Sport Especial
Macal Buffalo Dakarino
Macal Tokaido
Macal Trofeu 50
Macal New Star
Macal RVE 50
Macal 2100 Mini Sport
Macal Cross
Macal 50 TT
Macal Junior
Macal Porsche GT