Forvel - Fábrica Portuguesa de Veículos, SARL. based in Cantanhede began manufacturing the famous motorized tricycles (tricarros) with differential - commonly used for transporting small loads in the city (fish, gas, etc..). With a monthly production (in 1976) of 150 units of vehicles - just this year Forvel starts the production of two-wheeled vehicles. These are distributed through its nationwide network of 170 agents. The brand exported to some markets - notably Belgium - which has still today some clubs of Forvel owners.

Forvel - Cantanhede 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Forvel VIP 2
Forvel Ovni
Forvel Sioux
Forvel Turismo
Forvel rt125
Forvel Cross
Forvel Sintra
Forvel Tricarro
Forvel nr 50 e
Forvel Concorde
Forvel Bobby
Forvel Troia Turismo