Famel - Fábrica de Produtos Metálicos, was founded in Mourisca in 1949, in Agueda, by João Simões Cunha, Augusto Valente de Almeida and Agnelo Simões Amaro. In the 50s produced mopeds with Pachancho, Victoria and JLO engines. In 1958 Famel was registred as brand of vehicles. In 1965 they start using Zundapp engines. In 1970 they produce their flagship model XF-17, a "replica" of the Suzuki Stinger.

Facilities Famel in Ruins (2012) 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Famel Electric
Famel Faxion
Famel Scootorino
Famel Olimpic 92
Famel Yuppie
Famel Z2
Famel Carriça
Famel Pinto
Famel Z3
Famel Estrela
Famel Tricarro
Famel KS 50 T
Famel Mamute Tricarro
Famel Mirage 74
Famel F 77
Famel F 76
Famel Zu 72
Famel Zu 73
Famel X 15 - M 72
Famel X 15 Armazenista
Famel Galgo
Famel Aranhiço
Famel ks super
Famel gts super
Famel F2000
Famel Puch 125
Famel FX Enduro
Famel TT 50
Famel Phantom
Famel XF 17
Famel F 111
Famel 77
Famel XF 25
Famel F15 Águia
Famel Super Sport
Famel Flash
Famel Original Sport
Famel F25
Famel Arizona 5
Famel Mirage 72
Famel Foguetao SS
Famel GT 73
Famel GT 72
Famel Foguetao SS M72
Famel XF 17 Super
Famel Feeling XF1.50
Famel XF 80
Famel XF 21 Super
Famel Z1
Famel Automatic
Famel Caravela
Famel Foguetao
Famel s20
Famel Foguete
Famel Rex
Famel Veloce
Famel Periquito
Famel Pro Family
Famel XF 21
Famel Titan
Famel Mirage 75
Famel X15
Famel XF 25 S
Famel falcão
Famel Foguetão Victória
Famel Saguy
Famel GS
Famel XF 80
Famel Vitoria 3 estrelas
Famel Victoria
Famel Satelite 5 estrelas
Famel Veloce 2 estrelas
Famel Laika
Famel Sputnik
Famel GoGo
Famel XZ-24
Famel Fx-25
Famel GT 25
Famel Mirage 74
Famel Foguetao SS
Famel Foguetao Especial
Famel Original Sport
Famel Koala