Founded by Eurico Ferreira Sucena in 1911 as a small industry to support the production of accessories for bicycles in Lugar da Borralha, Agueda. In 1952 produced their first motorcycle. In 1969 began exporting to Africa, Europe and America. In 1978 they produce a 125 cc. EFS used several Cucciolo engines, Sachs, Kreidler, Casal, Zundapp, Derbi, Minarelli and Yamaha. Many models could be equipped with different engines by customer request.

EFS Factory nr.2 Avelas do Caminho 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
EFS M 125
EFS 120
EFS 220m Sport
EFS 220m Record Turismo
EFS 301 M
EFS Cross Sachs
EFS Cross
EFS GT Super Kreidler
EFS Formula 1 Especial Kreidler
EFS GT Super Casal
EFS Formula 1
EFS 2002
EFS GT Super Sachs
EFS 220m Record Sport
EFS a50t
EFS 220m Record Puch
EFS Formula 1
EFS 101 M
EFS 115 HS
EFS 320 M
EFS 2004 Sport
EFS Formula 1 Ci
EFS Nacional Sport
EFS RX 500 Sport
EFS RX 500 Turismo
EFS 220m Record Sport