Founded by Constantino Ferreira da Silva, a former worker of Macal (Manuel Caetano Henriques), left his worker condition to found the company Confersil and copies the manufacture of bicycles that he learned in Macal. In 1947 he is one of the first to import Cucciolo engines to Portugal.

Confersil Factory 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Confersil Dina 104
Confersil Maxi 104
Confersil 204
Confersil 404
Confersil 504 SS
Confersil Cross Especial
Confersil GT 304
Confersil 504 SS Sport
Confersil 604 GTV Sport
Confersil 604 GT
Confersil Enduro 50
Confersil 504 S Cross
Confersil Cross 83
Confersil 304 Trial