Cinal Pachancho

Antonio Peixoto, best known for Pachancho, was born in Braga on December 25, 1890. He became one of the more important businessmen in Portugal. In 1948 comes the Cucciolo engine and Antonio Peixoto develops a similar motor but 2 strokes and entirely Portuguese. In 1949 they tested 1st engine in a bike frame "around the Minho." Associated with Vilar they apply the micromotor Pachancho in their frames. 3 models were made. Later Pachancho associated with Cinal, from Oporto, resulting Cinal-Pachancho. Pachancho still exists as a group that includes companies Dartoon International (USA), FPS and Albra (PT). Their national companies export 80% of the production.

Pachancho Factory in the fifties 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Cinal Pachancho himalaia
Cinal Pachancho evereste
Cinal Pachancho Atlas
Cinal Pachancho Estrela
Cinal Pachancho Australina
Cinal Pachancho KSC
Cinal Pachancho C503
Cinal Pachancho KSC Competicao