Metalurgia Casal was founded in 1964 by João Francisco do Casal. It was the biggest national motor factory produced engines of various displacements for various purposes, including motorcycles. Casal was the Portuguese brand that reached greater notoriety, exported to various countries, in partnership with the Dutch HuVo participated in the World Grand Prix 80 cc and beat the world record speed of 50 cc (1984): 224.556 km/h with Jan Huberts in the commands.

Metalurgia Casal in the 70's 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Casal K500 Crossit
Casal K160
Casal K161
Casal K166 Boss
Casal K168 Boss
Casal K197
Casal S2
Casal K162
Casal K163
Casal K176 Bossini
Casal K168 S Boss
Casal K 168 SS Big Boss
Casal ST50
Casal S172 Carina
Casal K260
Casal K180.4
Casal K186 Phantom 5
Casal K186 S
Casal K190
Casal SS4
Casal S170 Carina
Casal K184
Casal K189
Casal K192
Casal K900 Motocarro
Casal K910
Casal K184 S
Casal S171 Carina
Casal K184 W
Casal K276
Casal K276 S JA
Casal K 188 Motocross
Casal Motocross 2
Casal K188 Enduro
Casal K185 SS
Casal K261
Casal K181 S
Casal K187 S
Casal K191
Casal SS5
Casal K182
Casal K187
Casal K182 S
Casal K184 SS
Casal K602S
Casal K270
Casal K271
Casal K506 Enduro
Casal K558
Casal Chopper Six
Casal K551 50.6
Casal K554 RZ 50
Casal K168 Super Boss
Casal K556
Casal K280
Casal K164 Mini Lady
Casal k162
Casal K165 Mirabelle
Casal K 177 Futurmatic
Casal Guri
Casal K270
Casal K181
Casal K183
Casal Magnum
Casal K558 Arizona
Casal K 186
Casal K185 Trial
Casal CS 25.3
Casal Mamute 50S
Casal K 175
Casal K 275 Cross
Casal K 167
Casal K185 S
Casal K 602 S
Casal K276 Enduro
Casal K190 SE