In 1947, the Mechanical Engineer Manuel Barros de Almeida developed engine Alma (Acronym of Almeida and Manuel). The first prototype was molded and turned in Serralharia Custodio Ferreira in Candal, Vila Nova de Gaia, the castings were merged in Sonafi from Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos. The first factory premises Motores Alma, Lda. were in the Rua do Rei Ramiro, near the River Douro, then moved to Rua da Fonte Nova, 1, between the Port wine cellars and the old sawmill. Frames and almost the complete assembly were produced by the company Alberto Carvalho Araujo (ACA) of Braga. The factory was producing engines and carburetors (also totally manufactured by the company) and assembling them on the bikes. Their first engine was installed in the middle of the frame with direct transmission, no clutch. The carburetor was located in front of the engine and the exhaust outlet at the back of the cylinder. The brand was acquired by ACA in 1952.

Motores Alma 


Brand Model Engine Displacement Engine type Typology Startup
Alma Turismo Luxo
Alma Quimera
Alma Grand Turismo