Motos de Portugal is the visible face of an academic research project developed by Emanuel Barbosa (designer), under the orientation of Prof. Doctor Enric Tormo i Ballester (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) and Prof. Doctor Carlos Plasencia Climent (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spai) .

The website is a non-profit study that intends to be an open source to the community, with the participation of all interested.

The aim of this project was the development of a database - that allows the organization of all the production of motorcycles and moped in Portugal. This makes the data analysis possible and opens the possibility of all interested parts to participate.

To achieve this goal, an extensive research was conducted and gathering of all printed material that one could have access to.

The second phase will be the production of photographies of the existing models. The main difficulty of this project is the lack of factory printed materials and the dispersion of the vehicles in private collections, sometimes with difficult access.

The inventory and analysis of the graphic identity of brands and models will provide an important approach to the graphic design related to this industry in Portugal. This will also help to maintain the memory and identity of this part of the Portuguese industrial identity.

With this methodology we intend to make a compilation of information that allows to understand the importance of these industrial projects, and by being pioneers in this sum of information, we expect to enlarge the aims of this project.